ESCAPE Festival (Thursday 30 December 2010) Nosotros / Athens Greece

Nosotros Free Social Space


Zen Garden

Anna Mystic

Funxion crew / Disphonia

[Theory, Utopia, Empathy, Ephemeral Art]

ESCAPE Festival
1990/2010 future celebration concert

Thursday 30 December 2010
starts 22.00



FUNDRACAR [ska-reggae]

ZEN GARDEN [space tribal d.j. Set]

NECHAYEVSCHINA [psychedelic post rock]

DISPHONIA / FUNXION [drum 'n bass]

ANNA MYSTIC [u.k. roots reggae]

visual art by
Global Eye
Void Optical Art Laboratory

Ίσως τώρα πλέον όλοι είμαστε πιο κοντά στο σημείο χωρίς επιστροφή. Να βάλουμε τους εαυτούς μας στην υπέροχη περιπέτεια του συλλογικού ρίσκου, της επαναστατημένης συμβίωσης, να λύσουμε τα προβλήματα της καθημερινότητας μας μαζί, να ζήσουμε, να ονειρευτούμε και να αγωνιστούμε για ένα κόσμο συμβιωτικό, ελεύθερο, ανοιχτό, φιλόξενο και δωρεάν για όλους μας εξίσου…. Να διατυπώσουμε ξανά το νόημα της ζωής, να αξιολογήσουμε ξανά απ’την αρχή τι είναι σημαντικό και τί ασήμαντο…. Καθώς όλες μας οι ανάγκες και όλες οι επιθυμίες μας μετατρέπονται σε εμπορεύματα μετατρέπονται την ίδια στιγμή και σε πεδία κοινωνικού πολέμου, ενός πολέμου που παίζεται πρώτα από όλα μέσα στο νου και τις καρδίες μας. Μόνο αν σπάσουμε τις δουλικές ταυτότητες, τους διαχωρισμούς και τους αυτοπεριορισμούς μας, αν παλέψουμε ενάντια στον φόβο, την αδιαφορία,  την υπακοή, τις βαθιά ριζωμένες αυταπάτες, τα ψέματα, τις ανασφάλειες και τα κόμπλεξ θα καλλιεργήσουμε μαζί την κριτική σκέψη, την κοινωνική αλληλεγγύη, την δύναμη της συνειδητής συμμετοχής, την Αγάπη και την Δύναμη… Στιγμές ελευθερίας, ζώνες αυτονομίας, κοινωνικά κέντρα, καταλήψεις, συνελεύσεις και πάρκα, φεστιβάλ, συναυλίες και εκστατικά rave party, ένα φιλί στην άκρη του δρόμου, μια βόλτα με φίλους αργά στο σκοτάδι, αποφάσεις, επιλογές, σχέσεις και ρίσκα. Η Ζωή είναι Τέχνη / Τέχνη του να Ζεις, να Ερωτεύεσαι, να Εξεγείρεσαι.  Να Μην Ζήσουμε Σαν Δούλοι… Καταλαβαίνεις;

Να Μην Ζήσουμε Σαν Δούλοι!…   

Text : Void Network
written by Tasos Sagris
published in 4000 copies  


Zen Garden : New E.P. "Discover"

Void Network 


The official videoclip of the song
 "Dream Made Teller manifesto" 
Zen Garden 
from the new E.P album "Discover". 
Out at 13 dec. 
by Cosmileaf records

Video & production by Mise- en- Zen

more info:



General Strike-Riots / Greece 15 December 2010

complete video report from the National General Strike of
15 December 2010 // Greece.
Keep fighting...


Stories and Reports from Bolivia, Chile and Mapuche Land

Some of our best friends travelled the last months in Latin America, making contacts, preparing networks, creating new friendships and trying to understand what is happening there, what the people dream of their lives, what the people wish for their societies. Day after day we try to make this world smaller, brnging our hearts closer, trying to express our solidarity to the furthest places is possible, trying to feel that the problems, the actions, the questions and the solutions of the people in the other side of this planet are also our own here and now...
Solidarity for all political prisoners of this world
Void Network

“The Other Gods Were Crying”

Stories of Rebellion in the Bolivian Highland
by John Severino
Between 2000-2005, from Chapare to Cochabamba to El Alto, the Bolivian highlands were the site of major uprisings by indigenous people and poor people against the military, government, and neoliberal development projects. In 2000, the people of Cochabamba defeated Bechtel corporation’s attempts to privatize their water. In 2003, the Alteños laid siege to the capital and prevented the privatization of the country’s natural gas. On other occasions, indigenous communities kicked out or killed government officials, coca growers defeated the illegalization of their traditional crop, and people from various backgrounds blockaded highways and paralyzed the country to kick out one government after another. These uprisings were continuations of powerful struggles that took place throughout the ’90s.
But in 2006, MAS, a socialist political party formed by a convergence of social movements, came into power, headed by Evo Morales, the first indigenous president in the history of the continent, and the first Bolivian leader to receive an absolute majority of the vote in an open election. Because of the history of discrimination against the country’s indigenous majority, a comparison could be made to the election of Obama, but the MAS victory is not comparable to just another political party coming into power. A closer analogy would be if the US Social Forum, Greenpeace, Critical Resistance, and Food Not Bombs came together to form a political party, took 60% of the vote, and launched Angela Davis into the White House.
Since 2006, little has been the same. A large amount of land redistribution has taken place, and students, pregnant women, retired people and the elderly receive an unprecedented amount of government welfare, funded by natural gas revenues. But the most notable change has been the total pacification and institutionalization of the social movements, such that now, capitalist development projects worse than any imagined under the military dictatorships are being proposed with hardly any opposition.
To get to the bottom of this occurrence, we talked to unionists, hiphop artists, street theater groups, Aymara storytellers, student anarchists, Quechua rebels, anarcha-feminists, NGO-workers, and others. The synthesis that developed between all these different and sometimes opposed perspectives radically informed my understanding of movement democracy, recuperation, and struggle.
Read all story here:

With Land, Without the State:                              Anarchy in Wallmapu

by John Severino

“Walmapu Liberado
Con Tierra, Sin Estado”
The guards at the Temuco prison search us over, and lead us into a room off the main hallway. The four men come in a little later and begin telling us their stories. They choose their words solemnly, and take long pauses. Seventy days without eating has taken its toll. “Our bones hurt, we get dizzy, tired, we have to rest a lot, lay down a lot. It’s uncomfortable going so long without eating. But we’re going to go until the final consequences. We’re putting our bodies and health on the line for the Mapuche people.”
They start with what we already know: the reasons for the hungerstrike, the Chilean state’s use of the antiterrorist law against Mapuche warriors, and the long history of their struggle. When they find out we’re not human rights activists, but anarchists, they smile and warm up to us a little more. After all, the human rights organizations have shown concern for the Mapuche once they end up in prison, but have never taken a position on Mapuche independence. One of them tells us: “First Nations have given a deeper sense to the word ‘anarchy.’ We were the first anarchists. Our politics is an anti-politics.”
Read all story here:


Georgia Sagri – One [ Opening and Performance, 11 December, 8-10pm]

I was not offended when you looked at me and I realized that there was no one in my place to look at you back. I comprehend. Seriously, I have strange feelings about the different wars that are going on in the universe and I am ready to take some action, some serious action. No jokes. This is not some kind of whatever mechanism that you find in a shopping mall or you fish from the pockets of extremely annoying weirdos while they‘re sleeping. Flowers in the middle of the unspeakable, caramelized news behind curtains in front of other curtains and all of them become layers and some kind of onions that all my friends talk about; it‘s over for my cup of tea. It is empty talk. We got used to talking with our fingers or pretending that if I wink, you will get what I mean, but I want you to get something and if you think this is a problem then you have an issue, which a dentist can take care of. First of all it is about the dogs. Something went wrong with the dogs in the mastermind cities and all of them have their own leashes. The parks are brighter, too many lights to keep any secrets, the smoking is not permitted and all of us, we have one particular something to take care and especially ourselves.

Then, I missed all my friends in a well-established university. I‘m bored and I
don‘t know why. I never have enough money to go up and down anywhere.
The issue here is that no one, I‘m telling you no one, is going to take care of you. Just think of that when you look at me;

Georgia Sagri

Opening and Performance 11 December, 2010, 8 – 10 pm

12 – 31 December, 2010
On Saturdays from 2 pm – 6 pm and by appointment

Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier 167
1000 Bruxelles
http://blogspot.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=  fdc7de5f31ca2efc2c968d0ac&id=69d3539c2c&e=da09c5364f
 +32 485 615 104

more info about Georgia Sagri:


Announcement of Void Network for Solidarity to the English student's struggle

2nd Announcement of Void Network for Solidarity to the English student's struggle:

Members of English Royal Family are running in panic to hide themselves in luxury theatres, the students are breaking the cordons of police and jump around more free than ever, the people are not obeying anymore, they are not afraid anymore, girls attack the parliament and boys spraing graffities for solidarity to Greece and fragments from "Coming Insurrection"....Everybody hates the government, the ministers, the politicians, the academic elite and this fucking economic system that turns our last and only lifetime into ruins. 
If all these wonderfull people keep this fight for some more weeks, if the government start to really feel the heat of the streets come closer and closer to the palaces and the State buildings, if the rich people start to feel more and more afraid about their future then 





England Shines Again!...We Thank you New English Generation....it was so miserable all the last years on this rainy island....We will meet at the barricades of global social insurrection  

you can see interviews from students and moments of action here:

all photos and video for this announcement comes from Guardian
you can see the complete photo galleries here:
and more videos here:
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