Void History: INDIE FREE FESTIVAL no.17 / 13_10_07

Void Network
(Theory,Utopia,Empathy,Ephemeral Arts)
temporary autonomous ecstatic zone
saturday 13 october / Pedion Areos
(Athens central Park)
from 16.00 until next morning
stage 1
[underground rock]
stage 2
[ambientrancedelica experience]

it was a wonderful night / squatted central park / two stages / rock stage and electronica stage...after 12 o clock it turns to trance stage / 3000 people / from 3.30 in the afternoon to 10 o clock in the next morning / very beautifull people coming/ the friends/ the athens scene/ the bands /a temporary autonomous zone/people spend their time happy together / for 17 years/ year after year / the new bands of the alternative underground scene together with some of the pioneer older groups/ hundreds of great underground bands invited until now from Void Network to play on the stage of Indie Free Festival/ more than 100 high quality demos and records come to our hands every year for to find place in the programme of the festival/ all the people of the collective participate in the hard decision of choosing the bands that will play this year/hundreds of activists and artists participated for free, without any salary for the creation of this fantastic free festival/ autonomous zone/ a collective explosion/ a moment of life

the video is directed by Global Eye/London Void Network
from stage 1 / a great anthem of the Greek underground/ rock anti consumerism /antiwork /anticapitalistic anthem : "Solines" (the tubes) by one of the most important dadaists of Greece :
The Lost Bodies
more info about Lost Bodies in


Kolonaki Commercial Market of Athens / Void Network Against the Market

it all started 10.30 in the morning...23 November 2007
We brought 8000 Watt in the high luxury commercial center of Athens / Kolonaki sq. / the perfect symbol of neoliberal cynicism and bourgouasie apathy.
We prepared the sound system and dj Kernecolemode started playing total noise...
For sure...
It was not possible to consume happily and enjoy shopping

The owners of the cafeterias appeared first, then came the owners of the shops
all of them shouting in the middle of the total noise that "nobody can buy anything under this circumstances" and "nobody can stay in their shops with all this noise"...
Everything was under control...The plan was working!
Then the police appeared...

It took us half an hour to negotiate with the police...They said that they will arrest us all as long we don't go away after 2.00 o clock...This made us shout louder / we could not go on until the night / unfortunately Furokawa collective had to wait for the next total noise attack of Void Network to the city market. The poets made the noise louder shouting Wake Up! to the rich consumers/ 
Shouting Help!The earth is Dying!Your Life is dying!
The Void Manifestos was making the people wonder...
Many super-ego rich people came near by 
to tell us go away, many young and rich people 
wanted to make fight with us to defend their identity...
many old people found it 
interesting to speak with us 
(under all this noise)
many people they was just standing, looking at the sky,
thinking, taking our flyer in their hands to read
to have a moment of introspection...
Many people say that 
we need just a moment for to change our mind
We hope this moment happened today



Destroy the Market / Kolonaki Commercial Market / Athens 23 November 2007

Friday 23rd November 2007

Kolonaki Square / high commercial market

Athens/ Greece

from 10.30 morning till 9:30 evening

Noise Sound installation – performance:

Void Network

present the sound

of interminable pressure,

the sound

of a city about to collapse.






Poetry / Texts:

Sissy Doutsiou,

Anastasios Sagris,

Yiannis Raouzeos

Bρισκόμαστε στην άθλια εποχή των πιο σπουδαίων άθλων...
Η ασημαντότητα δομεί σταδιακά τη νέα κυριαρχία.
Ύπνωση , συναίνεση , αποδοχή είναι τα εργαλεία της σύγχρονης κυβερνητικής. Η κυνική απάθεια επιδικνύει την πλούσια λάμψη της , οι μεταμοντέρνοι αστοί απολαμβάνουν διανόηση και κουρνιάζουν στις ανέραστες κρυψώνες τους.
Οι ελαφροϊσκιωτοι αρτίστες έσπασαν τον σβέρκο τους πέφτοντας
στον τρόμο του κενού.
Η σκέψη πεθαίνει στα τυφλά απογεύματα της εξάντλησης των νεαρών εργαζομένων...
Βρισκόμαστε στην εποχή των σπουδαίων θαυμάτων όπου
οι άνθρωποι της επιστήμης ,
με τη βοήθεια και τις ευλογίες της κυβέρνησης , προσφέρουν δωρεάν τεχνογνωσία και πληροφορία για τον αμοιβαίο και ολοκληρωτικό αφανισμό της γης και των πολιτισμών της.
Πρόοδος!Πρόοδος και λοιπόν?
Κάντε την ένα ευανάγνωστο μυθιστόρημα αν μπορείτε ,
κάντε την ένα χάδι , ένα χαμόγελο ,
ένα δάκρυ χαράς!
Πρόοδος!Πρόοδος...ε...και Λοιπόν?
Κάντε την μια γιορτή ανοιχτή για όλους άμα μπορείτε , κάντε την έντονη κουβέντα με φίλους ως το πρωί ,
κάντε την έρωτα πριν το ξημέρωμα αν μπορείτε , κάντε την ένα κατηλημένο σχολείο , κάντε την ένα πιάτο φαί
και λευκά τραπεζομάντηλα στην άκρη του καταυλισμού των αστέγων.
Όμως μην αερολογείτε για τη ζωή και την τέχνη , μην είστε τυμβωρύχοι...
μην μας αραδιάζετε αρλούμπες για φιλοσοφία , πολιτική , κουλτούρα ,
ποπ είδωλα , ευρωπαϊκό πολιτισμό
και εθνική υπερηφάνεια...
Αφήστε καλύτερα τους ποιητές ,
τους τρελούς , τους περιπλανώμενους ταξιδευτές , τους εκστασιασμένους σχοινοβάτες να πλέξουν
το ηλεκτρισμένο νήμα μιας άγνωστης μελλοντικής αγάπης.
Δεν υπάρχει τίποτα καθαρό , τίποτα υγιές , τίποτα ελπιδοφόρο σε αυτή την εποχή των θαυμάτων -
εκτός ίσως από τον λόγο...
Και οι εξεγερμένοι θα έχουν ίσως την τελευταία λέξη...

Kείμενο : Αναστάσιος Σαγρής / Εργαστήριο Κοσμοπολιτικής Συνείδησης


The Book of Pleasures by Raoul Vaneigem/ Void Reading Night

Void Network

Void Reading Night

a multi media tribute
to Raoul Vaneigem

reading chapters

The book of Pleasures
by Raoul Vaneigem

live soundtrack mix:
d.j.Sissy Stardust
(psychedelic melodic ambient)

multi media void art visuals:
Void Optical Art Laboratory

Thursday 15 November 2007
Nosotros Free Social Space

Themistokleous 66 Exarchia
Athens Greece

starts 21.00
free entrance

From the pleasures
will born the daring and the laugh that doesn't care
for the commands and the the law,
the value, the price, the order and the measure.
With the power of the collective happiness
and the audacity of celebration we will eliminate
whatever still tries
to judge, to repress, to sentence,
to prohibit and to govern

Το Κενό Δίκτυο
(Θεωρία, Ουτοπία, Συναίσθηση, Εφήμερες Τέχνες)

Αναγνωστήριο του Κενού
ένα multi media αφιέρωμα
στον Ραούλ Βανεγκέμ

διαβάζοντας κεφάλαια από το κείμενο

Η Βίβλος των Ηδονών

του Ραούλ Βανεγκέμ

Live soundtrack mix:
d.j. Sissy Stardust
(psychedelic melodic ambient)

Εργαστήριο Οπτικής Τέχνης του Κενού

Πέμπτη 15 Νοεμβρίου 2007
Κοινωνικός Χώρος
Θεμιστοκλέους 66
ώρα:9.00 μ.μ.

Από τις απολαύσεις θα γεννηθεί
η τόλμη και το γέλιο που αγνοεί τις διαταγές
και αδιαφορεί για τους νόμους, τις αξίες και το μέτρο.
Μέσα από τη συλλογική χαρά και το θράσος της γιορτής θα αφανίσουμε ό,τι εξακολουθεί να κρίνει, να καταστέλλει,
να καταδικάζει, να απαγορεύει και να κυβερνά.


LOST ASTRONAUTS a night of space electronic music 14 Nov.2007/Astron bar

a traveling to electronic space music
electro dub | space reggae |
psychedelic ambient | sci-fi electro

mixed and compiled

dj crystal zero
d.j. sissy stardust

from Void Network

+ void art projections


Taki St. 3
Psiri Athens
starts 10.00
free entrance

You are all invited in this
space travellers meeting point,
a peacefull and reflecting
listening environment,
a thoughtful and inviting

Please forward this message
to all the good people from the space tribes


EXPAND YOUR MIND ! / a void art film made by Global Eye and Void Network

The threat of expulsion in the absence of conformity:
This state of fear disables the individual.

A mental control that subsequently becomes physically manifest.
We believe
that societies’ biggest impairment is the belief that any one of us or even all of us are not capable of improving our world for the better. The root of this impairment is solely mental, not physical.
As a result, we aim to fight power structures
while empowering the individual as well as collective consciousness.
The very existence of
international financial, political, religious, intellectual and artistic Elites has resulted in the denial of Freedom of speech, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Open Public Assembly, Freedom of Mutual Aid and Collaboration.

Placing “art” solely in an art context is, in a way, relegating it to exist only within that context.
Restricting the distribution of and opportunities to access new ideas and emotions is something "govern-mental" institutions do.
Why voluntarily censor yourself?
We see Art, Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Enthusiasm, Collective Ecstasy and Revolt as mental and emotional practices perfectly suited as a tool for enablement,
a mental liberator that in turn can lead
to positive physical revolutionary changes.

fragment from Void Network Manifesto


Humanity is like a spider Web/Void Art Film by Global Eye / London Void Network

Experimental Void Art film///
directed by Global Eye/London Void Network

Humanity is like a spider web.Humanity is an alive organism, full of creativity power capability sophistication and visions

All your thoughts travel through space and time to all your future friends, to all your unknown lovers, to all your future mothers and all your previous fathers, you share your dreams with million people you will never meet, you fight a fight that we fight all together. When we fight we fight for our lives!

Void Art Film: American President Ecology PsychoDub

The "parental" eyes of the future president

will be as cold and vicious
as the eyes of all the past and dead presidents.
The Earth is assassinated.
We have to Grow up !
Fast and Sudden
as a thunder in the cloudy night!
We will raise our hands up
like antennas in the skies!
And we will meet each other!
...to find new Solutions
in very old problems...


>>Void Art film directed by
Global Eye / London Void Network

Music: Direct Connection


V.I.P. Earth Tragedy / video by Global Eye / London Void Network

money makes the world go wrong
planet earth is an alive paradise
but our life is limited in Necropolis
we have to fight
like a vast wave
that crashes on the city fronts
first we appear
then we exist
then we take our life back

New Void Art film
///film directed by Global Eye / London Void Network

///internet edition

Against All Prisons / Solidarity for all prisoners

New Void Art Video
directed by
Sissy Stardust
from Void Optical Art Laboratory
from Void Network
visiting Alcatraz prison U.S.A.
California Sunshine

There are millions of people in the prisons today...And for as long as even one person is still in prison no one will ever be really free...The imprisonment industry will grow, the law will capture day by day every moment and every side of everyday life and all the social causes that brought these people in prison will be sustained...The authorities that decide the life and death of all of us will still be there...
Who will protect us from our protectors?

solidarity for all prisoners
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