Mass Media News Photos from Anti G8 demonstration in Hamburg TALKING ABOUT TOTAL FREEDOM

These are photos from German Media about the demonstration that happened in Hamburg on the 28th of May 2007 against the globalization of capitalism on the same date of the ASEM Summit where European Union met with the elit of Asian suppresive governments and corporations.

HAMBURG>situation 4>Workshop, lecture, films>Rote Flora

The night started after the end of the Reclaim the Streets...60 people were arrested and many people in Rote Flora were working with the lawyers for solidarity...More than 100 came in the central room of Rote Flora for this 5 hours event of multimedia lectures, workshops and film shows... Our situation started with an inspirational workshop with individuals associated with the Crimethinc Ex-Workers Collective about how insurrectionary activity leads to the creation, not of isolated individuals, but of collective power, so that starting from the personal understandings you lead in the decision to participate in collectives and working together with people...Void Network and Global Eye continued the night with the reading of the lecture: "Fragments from the arising of a Kosmo-Political Consiousness" that tries to combine the everyday life with the future utopia here and now...Global Eye made some spectacular void art visual show and eveybody travelled through the words and images in the decision to put their dreams in action:
"The barbaric and irrational laws of today and all the inhuman contemporary forms of legislation, if compared with the past legislations and laws, prove that there is no hope for any reference to an ideal past and that a free society of free humans could have never existed. Therefore all of us – and only us - the humans that are awakened by the pain of “the Other” will be able to cultivate our political and philosophical thought; the thought that will awaken the consciousness of humans who live imprisoned by the barbarism and the inhumanity of laws and legislation of our days- by focusing on free dialogue, creative thought, exploration of our philosophical consciousness, political consciousness, and critical thinking...

...We will travell towards a self-realization of humanity that has never been achieved in past societies.

Absence of all particulars, this constitutes the socio-political universe in which we live.

We have to announce: Cosmos (world) without hierarchy, humans who obey no one, a society indifferent in the possession of Plutos (wealth), leaders who do not command, culture without ethics, without sin and without cause for sin, society with out social classes, a society without Kratos (state), armies, prisons and police, nation-spheres without borders, economies without profit, markets without commerce, to work and not to serve, to live a life free of struggle for survival…"

The night continued with the showing of the film Lucky People Center International from Lucky People Center International Collective a film made by film makers, artists and musicians that travelled around the world and combined images, ideas and sounds from people that through their very existance deny globalization of capitalism and offer another direction of travell for earth in space, time and history

Then it was the film "Breaking the Spell" that is a 1999 anarchist documentary, directed by Tim Lewis, Tim Ream, and Sir Chuck A. Rock. Using amateur camera footage recorded by protesters at the scene of the WTO of Saettle it documents the riot from the perspective of the anarchists, their opinions of fellow protesters, local politicians...

As a conclusion of the night we showed "The Society of the Spectacle" by Guy Debord...

Then we continued our night by making the "Total Freedom" banner for the next day´s demonstration


Talking About Total Freedom world tour>>situation 4 >>WORKSHOPS ,FILMS AND TALKING CIRCLES

27 May 2007

Void Network
(Theory,Utopia,Empathy,Ephemeral Arts)

Crimethinc Ex Workers Collective
Global Eye


A day of workshops, films and talking circles
in the
Convergence Center
of Anti-G8 international mobilizations
Rote Flora/Hamburg

from 6 o clock until 12.00 a.m.

Activist documentaries
Insurrectionism through Collectivity by Crimethinc
a lecture and open talk
from the arising of a Cosmo-Political Consciousness

a multi media poetical lecture by Void Network
and Global Eye
Film Show:
Lucky People Center by Lucky People Center International

The Fight for Free Education is a Fight against Capitalism

26 May 2007
Talking About Total Freedom>>situation 3>>
participation in the demonstration of the students of Hamburg against the obligatory student fees and the comercialization of public education in Europe!

It was like a parade of all the powers of German police during a demo of about
500 people!
The antifascists came in the front of the demo carying a banner that was sending a clear message:

"Education is not for sale!Smash Capitalism!"
Artcore Collective organized with us a sound system for this demo....A second sound system was also organized by the students...Our sound system burned out half way but people continued dancing in the sounds of drum n"bass and speaches of the students...A memeber of Void network spoke for the sake of international students mentioning that this fight of the students in Germany is one and same with the fights of all students in Europe...in Greece, in Italy, in France, in Spain...a fight for Free Open Public Education for All...He mentioned also that a fight for free education is a fight against capitalism...a fight against G8...and when he shouted "Fight Against Capitalism! The only Solution is Revolution!!"
all the people shouted back together "Revolution!"

The AntiFascists opened the way and sustained the powers of the demonstrators until the end...It was a humilliation of any "representative democracy" system...The police tryed to stop the demo using many excuses...that the use of a banner bigger than 1.5m is not allowed ...that it is not allowed to jump...that it is not allowed to come in the center of the city...all these reasons...reasons to brake the people, keep them standing for hours surrounded by full-armed riot policemen and make them dissapointed and depressed...
The Necropolis is the city of the future...
Try to stay alive in the Necropolis!

The totalitarianism of European states
reaches a level of visible dictatorship...
Can you See????

Against Dictatorship / Against G8

Talking About Total Freedom
or Talking About Total Dictatorship!!??

Hamburg University Campus>>electro acid psychedelic trance rave for open free public education

Talking About Total Freedom>>situation 2 >>Knallhart_Hamburg University
24 May 2007

It was a very difficult night....
Everything started great...In the afternoon there was a party organized by students of the campaign against the payment of university fees. Police entered university many times and they succeded to stop the party of the university students...For many hours our stage was a chillout area of the students party, a camping area of students (fighting for open public free education for all) and a place offering great food for 1.50 euro...
When the police stoped the other party then we offered to everybody a revolutionary multi media show and full-on psychedelic trance...More than 200 people appeared in this night...But the police came again...and we had to stop the music, and then we had to bring the speakers inside the Knallhart students center...and then the police came again...and we had to speak again with them and close the music, and then we planed to play less loud cause anyway was difficult to sustain any kind of celebration in conditions of Total Dictatorship...But there was people that stayed and resisted this psychological war from the police and they celebrated the ecstasy of life even under this circumstances...
So when we was all covered with sweat and the police came for last time we said to each other:
"Talking About Total Freedom...or...Talking About Total Dictatorship?
Talking About Tyrrany!! Fight the Tyranny!!


Hamburg situation 2>Talking About Total Freedom world tour >>Rave Culture Against G8

situation 2> Thursday 24 May> Knallhart electro acid psychedelic trance rave festival against the capitalistic stupidity and the state violence featuring international djs and visual artists from Europe/U.S.A. >>participation in the fight of the university students for a free public education for all people

Cafe Knallhart > University Campus Hamburg > for free >>open air+indoor event

Against European Apathy! Talking About Total Freedom World Tour>>Hamburg>>Rote Flora

The first situation in Hamburg was wonderfull! More than 150 people came to join us in an outopian atmosphere in the Rote Flora squated social center that fights against European apathy for the last 15 years! Void Network and Natural High djs Global Eye multi media activists, djs from Dub Cafe of Rote Flora and art-activists from Artcore joined their power together for this night of international collaboration against global capitalism!

Photos from travelling in Europe>>AGAINST G8>>TALKING ABOUT TOTAL FREEDOM World tour

Friends are coming from different sides of the planet to meet in Germany...
Activists and artists, poets, lovers, hippy freaks, punks and ravers...people from all cultural backrounds are commited to fight against global capitalism in the days that we can have the best opportunity (when the "great" leaders of global capitalism are gathered).
People from Void Network, Crimethink Ex-Workers, people from Global Eye and Natural High came from England, U.S.A. and Greece...
The people from Rote Flora and Artcore collective give us all the help that we need and it is amazing when you make new friends that walk in the same way for so many years.
We are hear to find a better way to live, a better way to be together, to make a better life for ourselves and for the generations to come...
The traveling was great and we arrived all safely in Hamburg!
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