Athens 2007 Legalise Cannabis Protestival Friday 4 and Saturday 5 May

On 4th and 5th of May 2007 get ready for this year's Legalise Cannabis Protestival
extravaGanja in Panepistimioupoli of Athens... keep your ears alert...
Our hope and expectation is to create a FREE for all organic and self-managed festival open to new ideas and expressions. An autonomous creative space where everybody will come and contribute according to his/her ability in celebrating our right for total freedom, self-determination and dignity, and contribute in spreading the truth. This is why we ask for your hands-on support with ideas and practical help.
So volunteers are more than welcome...:)

Send an email to


to get onboard and follow the preparations


19.00- 20.00: THC SOUNDSYSTEM (DJ set)
20.00- 20.50: RADICAL GEE and the Moving Target (LIVE)
21.00- 22.15: PALYRRIA (LIVE)
22.30- 00.00: ZION TRAIN sound system (UK) (LIVE)
00.00- 01.15: PROFESSOR SKANK (LIVE)
03.00- 04.30: FUNXION (GR) + COMPLEX (CH) (DJ set+ MC)
04.30- 06.00: GALACTIC DICE (DJ set)
06.00- 08.00: SOTOKKAN (DJ set)

18.00- 19.00: RASTAYOUTH (DJ set)
20.00- 21.00: ATIKO MINUS (LIVE)
22.00- 23.15: ANNA MYSTIC (DJ set) & AFRICAN SIMBA (UK)
23.15- 00.15: 63 HIGH (LIVE)
00.15- 01.30: LOCOMONDO (LIVE)
01.30- 03.00: ONE DROP (LIVE)
03.00- 05.00: PETROS FLOORFILLER (DJ set)
05.00- 07.00: IRAKLIS MINDPHASER (DJ set)
07.00- 08.00: CRYSTAL ZERO & SISSY STARDUST (DJ set)

+++ all festival PropaGanja Visual projections : Void Optical Art Laboratory + Global Eye (London Void Network) +"Traveling with human joy" Photographic projections from the fotoreporter Maro Kouri

>Free Camping Area >Joggling and acrobatics cannabis show
>Creation of a 30m comic from the crew of GALERA magazine and the contribution of the public
>Graffiti show from aLeda Graffiti crew (free canvases, bring your own spreys)
>Exhibition of cannabian comics from Giorgos Konstantinou (Cañamo magazine, Catalonia)
>Chai shop and chill out area with Void Optical Arts Laboratory visuals, conversations and acoustic music
>Bar and slow food> biological products, honey, fruits, herbs, mystic pizza
>Info kiosks On Saturday (5.5) morning 12.00 > Meeting of the peoples global action (PGA) network, information on the history and future actions against the next G8 Summit (2-9 june 2007 Germany)
++14.30 > anti-biotech workshop, on the framework of the campaign against the biotechnology of dominance (antibiotec_resistance@lists.riseup.net)

info & contacts:





Global Eye-Void Laboratories events

Various events that Global Eye and Void Optical Arts Laboratory have presented at or staged.Events include sets by Fun-Da-Mental, McD and the Dohl Foundation. Events go back to tsunami benefits of 2005, Drop Beats not Bombs at the Custard Factory Birmingham, Bolognia's amasing but now closed cultural centre Ca.Cu.Bo and Brazialian recycled fashion for London's Conscious Fashion week.

HOLLYWOOD DREAMS: Void Art video made by Global Eye (London Void Network) / Void Optical Art Laboratoty + DJDura


Letter and Photos from Global Eye / London Void Network / Celtic Heritage+Global Eye+Void Optical Arts Lab event.

Global Eye on Void Optical Arts Show in London

Hey Void Network People!

hows it all going?....From the blog it sounds great!very inspired by all your efforts, the last few talks must of been eye opening. Is there anyone in athens with the simplest of dvdcameras, feel these talks need to be recorded and shown on the internet, they have the potention of being a cut above anything else i see on the internet now, going far beyond the normal talking heads interviews, with the visuals and the music it provides true gates for imagination and inspiration to go wild.

The technology is here today to provide an experiencial / utopian psychedelic celebratory channel....but must say im saddend at the same time as our comunication is so distant and my connection to you is via a blog or telephone wires or photographes or even satelites....So looking forward to being physicaly present and working together again!!!

here main things have been sorted out, we have a home and dani is working to save up money...just like me as soon as i have settled down i wanna be on the road again....

The last month was taken up by doing the "one giantleep for nature party".the party here was quite an experience!showed the triumph of good vibes over bad! There was one guy that seriously tried in very nastyways to fuck up the party! very very very very negative vibes person. He managed to get so much shitcreated out of nothing, he is still trying and will carry on. Perverted behaviour!BUT....he failed! the party was amasing!so many beatiful people turned up, the vibe was so positive!the music was amasing mix after mix, hour after hour!dani , more of a trancer than a funky techno had tiers to her eyes when karen was playing, it was so good!!!!it was inspiring!

jeff amadeus also, wow!!!we had loads of chalk, so many people were writting and drawing on the wall! basicaly it was a real true celebration!!!!so many people came up about the visuals, it was constant actually, one person after the other!!!had a proper situation to play the visuals from Athens Void Network that tasos and sissy made when i was in athens, they were soooo good to get to play, i enjoyed them so much!

In the entrance there was an electro soundsystem, perfect space for hot dancing, with table dancing on wooden poles by all that were in the supper happy mood!more will follow. Karen with Celtic Heritage has really put her heart into creating goodvibes parties over the past 15years and the people she has met in the way have really responded to it...

I feel it is all possible but we need a more concentrated effort. Personaly im finding it a bit dificult being here in london with not really anyone else in the same frenquncy, a lot of pessimism and dismising going on in this place. The fact that i have 3 computers in the room that together do a third of the job of one computer is a bit borring to say the least.

We will meet each other as soon as possible...


Global Eye (London Void Network)


An interview with Peter Geldeloos

Peter Gelderloos is the right side speaker and left is
the anthropologist and Void Network translator Panos Papadimitropoulos

Peter Gelderloos is a wonderful young American writer.
He is traveling now for six months in all Europe and he made many efforts (through publications of pamphlets, lectures and organizing) to help the antifascist and anti-homophobic movement in Eastern Europe and Balkans.
His ability to build up arguments and debate is incredible and this helped us a lot to understand very well the condition of the anarchist movement in U.S.A. as also the problems and the limitations that the American commrades face. More than 150 people came to his lecture in Nosotros in 7 March 2007 and for almost 3 hours Peter Gelderloos used the American map to explain to us what is happening in all areas and to answer all our questions.

Void Optical Arts Laboratory made some great atmosphere with a special made for that night multi media show and d.j. Kinomatix played experimental ambient electronica after the end of the lecture.

This is an interview
that Peter Gelderloos gave for
“Laboratory of Kosmo-Political Consciousness” of Void Network

Why are you an anarchist?

I am an anarchist for a variety of reasons, related to my personality, my lived experiences, my analysis of the world around me. Every day I find new reasons, many coming down to the fact that nobody will ever know how to fulfill my own needs better than myself, and as long as an elite authorizes itself to control my life, I have to fight it. A big influence: I spent six months in prison for an illegal protest, and at this point I could never feel completely happy as long as I knew someone was sitting behind bars, as long as our society responds to conflict with punishment and separation rather than reconciliation and cooperation.

Do you think that if we drop out from our universities, our jobs, our properties we will make a starting point of a “free” life?

Yes, dropping out is surely a starting point for building a free life. Staying in the universities, in our jobs, is also a starting point. The starting point is here under our feet. Winning autonomy and truly free time by dropping out can allow us to carry the war back to the system, and build the foundations of a culture that can replace capitalism. But not everyone can drop out—prisoners, working mothers, peoples facing genocide. Dropping out takes a basic amount of privilege, and it has caused problems that many drop-outs in the US have not recognized this and created an arrogant subculture, believing that if you don’t ride a bike or dumpster-dive you’re not an anarchist. It’s purism. We’re all part of the system, and if we could truly drop out there would be no need to fight. But capitalism and the state are not voluntary. Remaining within the system where school or jobs are concerned can allow us to keep in contact with other people, understand their reality, and spread our ideas to them. It’s a balancing act: go too far in one direction, and you isolate yourself. Go too far in the other direction, and you co-opt yourself, bind yourself to the system. In both scenarios, the state wins.

So, how much imprisoned we are in our “normal lives” and how much our “normal life” limited us?

Everybody is very imprisoned, even those who think they have dropped out. Fortunately, in Greece people do not have a cop in their heads to the same extent as in the US. Please: keep it that way! But one thing that seems to me a little more developed in the US, though it’s still at such a rudimentary stage, is uprooting authoritarian modes of communication and views of conflict, things that escape the attention of most anarchists I think. This means overcoming patriarchal behaviors, creating conversations where women participate equally, and getting rid of heteronormative and binary prejudices that exclude transgender people and queer people. This means recognizing that gender violence is even a problem among anarchists, and we need to find supportive ways to end the cycles of abuse that have gone on for millennia. This means appreciating the need to develop methods of conflict-resolution based in a mentality of healing and meeting needs rather than punishment or right and wrong. If the state collapsed today, anarchists still might not be able to make a revolution. Here I’m speaking very much about prison. We rely on prisons. If one anarchist raped another (this happens, though often it gets ignored) what would we do? Saying that such a person is not an anarchist, exiling them, is no solution. Isolating and punishing the guilty person is no solution, as the experience of the state has shown. Do we even know what we would do without prisons?

Have you thought even for one moment that our actions, demos, manifestos, books, festivals, lectures, movies, documentaries are just a drop in the ocean and that there is no meaning of doing them or that there is no purpose of doing them?

Well, very often our actions are just a drop in the ocean. In my town there’s only a dozen anarchists. Most of the rest of the people who live there probably don’t know we exist. But sometimes we are a wave, and sometimes even a tsunami. In 1999, anarchists in Seattle captured, or at least disturbed, the imagination of the entire country. Here in Greece, you have the entire country talking about you, the media "malakes" and some government members are acknowledging it’s a war. In Exarchia, I think the anarchist posters outnumber the advertisements. This needs to happen everywhere. I could say that if the world would end tomorrow I would still rebel today, and this is true, because fighting for liberation is a part of being alive, not just a calculation for the future. But I do not want revolution to be the opiate of the anarchists. This would all be an insult if we were not fighting to win. To transform the metaphor, it’s not an ocean, it’s a manmade reservoir, and the people who made it and who maintain it knew and still know what they are doing, they have been strategic. We also need to be strategic, to expand these moments when we are a tsunami, and understand what makes them possible so we can expand the foundation too. This is not a call for a single strategy, because that imperative shares many characteristics with the state. The state is best attacked from many angles, but it knows very well how to manage a herd and a chaotic crowd. We need to think more about how to take these little drops, these opportunities before us, and change the landscape, undermine state power, spread rebellion, and win.

What is your opinion about the debate and the conflict among the anarchist traditions and their strategies?

I think both sides of the various debates occasionally make very intelligent, thought-provoking points. But much of the time, it’s stupid, egotistical and orthodox squabbles that should be the monopoly of religious scholars. Many anarchists seem blind to the real spirit of Authority, and they cling to central values of Western civilization, like monotheism, objectivity, the right of intervention. There are many different kinds of people, people with different needs, so it follows that there should be many anarchists strategy. But we Western anarchists too often see differing strategies as evidence that one side is right and the other is wrong. We make a dichotomy or a crusade where there should be a tension or a balance. We may not believe in one God, but we still believe in one Truth, and we also think we have the right of the missionary to impose this truth on other people. I think this is a reason that nearly all anarchists are white. The tradition is Eurocentric, and we don’t listen enough to other people, don’t allow other people to adopt anarchism to their needs without denouncing them. In general, I think the "insurrectionists" and the "organizationalists", to refer to one debate, have different strengths and weaknesses that could complement one another if there were more solidarity, but I think both completely miss the mark when it comes to understanding the importance of white supremacy as a system of hierarchy and oppression as important as capitalism or the state. Some people reduce everything to class and minimize the experiences of people who have been oppressed in completely different ways, and others act as though everyone is oppressed in the same way, that because race is based on a lie we should ignore its very real effects. In Mexico, people have developed an indigenous anarchism (for example the Magonistas in Oaxaca). Clearly this is a powerful tradition, and it replaces the Western monotheism with a pluralism from some local indigenous cultures. But condescendingly, most white anarchists have ignored this development. But if we cannot learn from allies, we are a dead movement.


Outopia and Anarchy in U.S.A./ A Lecture by Peter Gelderloos in Athens

Void Network (Theory, Outopia, Empathy, Ephemeral Arts)


Outopia and Anarchy in U.S.A.
a lecture about the efforts and the problems of the libertarian outopian
and the anarchist movement in U.S.A. by the anarchist writer
+Void Optical Arts Laboratory
++ late night session: dub reggae and psychedelic electronica
by Kinomatix, dj Crystal Zero, Sissy Stardust

Wednesday 7 March 2007
Nosotros Free Social Space
themistokleous 66 exarchia / athens / greece
starts : 9.30 a.m.

Κενό Δίκτυο(Θεωρία, Ουτοπία, Συναίσθηση, Εφήμερες Τέχνες)
Outopia and Anarchy in U.S.A.
μια διάλεξη-ενημέρωση σχετικά με τις προσπάθειες και τα προβλήματα
του ελευθεριακού και αναρχικού κινήματος στις Η.Π.Α.
από τον αναρχικό συγγραφέα
Peter Gelderloos
+ Void Optical Arts Laboratory
++ late night session: dub reggae and psychedelic electronica
by Kinomatix , dj Crystal Zero, Sissy Stardust
Τετάρτη 7 Μαρτίου 2007
ώρα έναρξης 9.30 μ.μ.
Nosotros Free Social Space
θεμιστοκλέους 66 εξάρχεια / αθήνα

ανακοινώσεις εκδηλώσεων του κενου δικτύου και κείμενα:


17&18 March 2007/ One Small Step for Man-One Giant Leap for Nature...>>>Celtic Heritage Trust+Global Eye (London Void Network)+Datablender in London

"We provide a catalyst for networking and better communications at all levels.
With your help we can make some headway in halting or even reverse some of the harmful effects that man has put upon the ecosystems of our planet: Our driving initiative aimsat re-establishing our natural links to nature (that have being eroded by unfettered economic development).Positive energy + positive purpose = life = existence+ culture + human kind . .
it is easy – one smal lstep daily
think about it - it has purpose- please have purpose
Global Eye (London Void Network) http://voidnetwork.blogspot.com
-RespeKT those people united –

One Small Step for man - One Giant Leap for Nature
Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 March 2007
135 Grosvenor rd. Pilmico
doors open at 22.00

Jeff Amadeus - Squat records
Darc Marc - Pure Noise/Cluster
Sebastien Marx (Live PA) -
3Phaze (Live PA) - Generator records
T.T (Live PA) - Techno in the City/Malfaiteurs
Pat Hurley - Open Source
Keltia-aka Bambi – F8 Republic
Product19 - Stay up forever
Maxx -Polymeric records
Hard Bart - On-Set
Ross Adams - District six
DJ Staw - Malfaiteurs/Techno in the City
attichouse - electronica – dub chill
Void Art / space visuals by Global Eye and Void Optical Arts Laboratory
F8 Republic protest soundsystema

St Patrick's charitable event £5
all proceeds going to the Celtic HeritageTrust

VOID HISTORY>>John Holloway in Athens / Nosotros Free Social Space 02/03/07

It was a wonderful night…More than 300 people appeared for the lecture of John Holloway in Athens / Nosotros Free Social Space in Friday 2 March 2007
Anastasios Sagris made a long introduction to the work of the economist, philosopher and political scientist John Holloway mentioning all the reasons that we feel John as a spiritual friend of us and also he read some fragments from the book “Change the World Without taking the Power” and the article “The Rebelion of Dignity” from the special issue of the Greek magazine “Outopia” about the movements of Latin America.
John Holloway, with the help of his daughter Anna Holloway in the translation he spoke for more than one and a half hour. He spoke about the “crack” in capitalism that comes in any moment of personal and collective “No!” to the life that the market and the governments prepares for us, any “No!” that turns to use the negation as a power of creativity, to use the fantasy as a way of finding new solutions, our own solutions…He spoke about “Dignity” the force of revolution of the ordinary people, he spoke about Zapatista as ordinary people and about ordinary people as revolutionaries, he spoke about the rave culture and the sharing of love and enthusiasm as “cracks” and he made the question: “…and then when the party finish, when everybody going home again…when Monday comes? What we will do?...Is it a blue Monday ? Your work in the business company is complicity…Your lost time, your lost life is complicity to the destruction of humanity and nature…In all the metropolitan cities we must firstly liberate the “Time”…Our Time! What you going to do this next Monday? Is it a blue Monday or a Rainbow Monday for you?”
For more than one hour after his lecture he gave answers to many questions of Autonomists, Left Anarchists, Communists, Void Network people and young visionaries…It was a great opportunity for all of us to clear out many delusions of all this political ideologies and try all together to find out a way to walk in the darkness of the modern life and searching for the star of revolution in any moment inside us and around us, with a smile or with a scream.
In the next day after the lecture we started to prepare the next lecture of John Holloway in Athens in next year…There are also some talks of the Void Optical Art Laboratories with John Holloway to take care of the projections and the atmosphere in his lecture in 4 June 2007 in Germany (anti-G8) about the “cracks”… (Let’s see if this will come true…)

Thanks to all the people that came in Nosotros Free Social Space, thanks to Void Optical Arts Laboratory for the great Void Art Show, thanks to Anna Holloway for all the great help to the creation of this wonderful night and thanks to John Holloway for his great spiritual and intellectual work….

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