TOTAL FREEDOM WORLD TOUR in London for 3 weeks bringing dj's, multi media artists, and your beautifull selves together

for the most up date e-flyer for each party check:

infoline: 07933399718 for guest mailing list: lucidlava@gmail.com

dj's and visual artists from around the world
are arriving together in London to dance hard into the dawn and into the day (full line ups online) Rooms of industrial to tribal beats... unreleased space dub, dubstep, Gypsy drum'nbass to the purest psychedelic trance & electro... filthy pure beats... beating on repeat... bringing all different underground cultures together

involved collectives:

http://www.voidnetwork.blogspot.com (Greece / England / Germany / U.S.A.: "18 years of open free festivals")

www.celticheritagetrust.org.uk (Britain :"one giant leap for nature")

www.centroculturaldobispo.com (Brazil:"uniting favela parties")

www.alice-project.com (Germany: "music and mind")

www.crimethinc.com (U.S.A.:"love inspiring life,writers collective")

www.myspace.com/globaleye (Britain:"open source visual artivists")


10.30 10.30-11.30KINOMATIK

[Electronika-Breaks]/Creative Space Rec./Greece                                                                       

11.30-1.00 NOMHADA

[Electro New Balkan Beat Techno Sound]/ Holland                           


 [ Electro Techno- Breakbeat] / Damage Factory Rec./Italy

 2.00-3.30 ETNARAMA

 [Psychedelic Trance]Vision Rec.] / Portugal

3.00-4.30 D.J. JARROX

[Psychedelic Trance ]Digital Hive Rec.] / Brazil

4.30-6.00 DJ MAAT

[Full on Deep Psy]/ Pixan Rec./ Italy


[Acid Psychedelic Full On]/Void Network/Greece

7.30-10.30 DIRTY NOISE

[Psy Trance] / Mystic Systems / Portugal







Against All Prisons / Solidarity to All Prisoners Void Art Short Film directed by Sissy Doutsiou [Void Optical Art Laboratory] camera:d.j.Vertigo from Void Network visiting Alcatraz prison U.S.A. music:California Sunshine

There are millions of people in the prisons today...And for as long as even one person is still in prison no one will ever be really free...The imprisonment industry will grow, the law will capture day by day every moment and every side of everyday life and all the social causes that brought these people in prison will be sustained...The authorities that decide the life and death of all of us will still be there...Who will protect us from our protectors?

Solidarity to all more than 6.000 prisoners in Greece that they are on hunger strike fighting for a better life, fighting for dignity, fighting for all of our society, fighting for a better future without prisons, and with no need for prisons...


We the prisoners of the hell called with an euphemism: prisons of the greek state, tired with the fake promisses of all justice ministers in the last 10 years, to ameliorate prison conditions and the penal code and the penal justice code, decided to move forcefully, in order to claim our rightful demands. WE DEMAND: 1. Abolish disciplinary charges. Modify the Penitentiary Code's articles 68, 69, 70, 71. In any case, the disciplinary charges must be removed after the are served, and not accumulated nor taken into consideration when it comes to days off, work, education and discharge under conditions after they are served. 2. Reduction of the sentence limit for discharge under conditions, from 3/5 to the 3/7 of the sentence time. Immediate abolishment of the anti-constitutonal treaty that increased up to the 4/5 of crimes related to drugs. 3. Once and for all 3 year reduction of all prices, to make easier the relieve of over-crowding of prisons. NO to the new panoptic prisons, built isolated away from the cities social tissue. 4. Abolish the juuvenile prisons. Adopt open structure to take care of and protect the teenagers and youth. 5. Reduction of sentence limit of 25 years of continuous detention. Reduction of the minimum detention time to be discharged under conditions to 12 years from 16 that it is today, according to european legislature. 6. Immediate and without exceptions application of days-off, suspensions, and other benefits of the law, reduction of the minimal sentence time limits. Increase the number of days-off to 60 for those that have a right to 5 days and to 96 for those with a right to 8. 7. To end the over-use of pre-trial detentions and reduce the time limit to 12 months. 8. The para-justice racket is known for its hysteria of the last 8 years, leading to revengeful killing sentences. We as for proportionate sentences and wide application of the measure of suspension and discharge under conditions. 9. Full, permanent and 24 hour medical treatment and respect to the patients. Creation and improvement of adequate hygiene spaces (baths and toilets). Immediate integration of the Korydallos prison psychiatric and medical clinic to the National Health System, with new aisles for women and juveniles, that lack now. Immediate transportation of patients to public hospitals with ambulances and not in police vehicles, tied up with their hands behind their back. 10. To be provided the right in beneficial work payment, education, second chance schools, technical workshops and participation in diverse similar programms, to all prisoners proportionate and without any discrimination. To be given educational days-off, for all prisoners, that meet with the criteria and terms to study outside prison and for all levels of education and technical skills learning. Substancial amplification of withdrawal projects to all prisons. 11. Abolishion of the prison no-go zone. Free access for social and political institutions, Lawers Associations, Hellenic Medical Association and EINAP, organizations for human rights, NGOs and international organizations. Free circulation of political and educative press, with no exceptions. 12. Alternative forms of detention, amplification of agricultural prisons and of the institution of semi-free sentence as well as community service. 13. Amplification of the institution of free visits in humain conditions with respect to the personality and dignity of the prisoners and the visitors. Private place to meet with our companion. 14. Work and access to creative activities for all of us. Beneficial account of days of work in the sentence. 15. Right to selection of serving the sentence in their country of origin, for the prisoners from other countries, once and if they wish. 16. Humain transport conditions with improvement of the room in the preposterous transportation means of the greek police. More stops, improvement of the detention room in the miserable "Metagogon" transfer prison and faster transfer to the destination prisons.

DEMANDS OF THE WOMEN PRISONERSAT ELEONAS, THIVA PRISON:On the occasion of the third-world life conditions inside this establishment but also our treatment by the totality of the ministry of justice services, and more precisely: Inexistant medical-pharmaceutical supply. Few, to even inexistant hygiene supply (without any right to a private purchase). Inexistant basic hygiene (no warm water). Inexistant social services and care. Preposterous food, because of luck of supplies. Even first need stuff is an unknown word here. Racist treatment of the prisoners when it comes to days-off and suspensions. Injust treatment of sentence accounts for suspension proportionate to the offence (2/5, 3/5 etc). Vast delays when it comes to bringing the case to the courthouse and especially the court of appeals. The peculiar stiffness of the persons judging us, despite the recommendations they have received. The inexistant second chance we are all waiting for and most of us have a right on it, but are never given. We decided to abstain from prison food commons from 03/11/2008 until proportionate measures are taken in regards to all the above. We expect your understanding.


VOID MIRROR : The Void Network New Blog

artwork : Void Optical Art Laboratory

...and then suddenly it was the end of 2008...
After all these 19 years
of working with
Void Network
(Theory,Utopia,Empathy,Ephemeral Arts)
all these Void Network people
in Europe, in Amerikas, in the Outer Space...
we started realizing that there are existing out there thousands of creative friends, spiritual comrades, political, social and cultural activists, radical theoreticians and crazy thinkers, artists that hate the high-class luxury and space out motherfuckers that send us mails, announcements, manifestos, essays, videos, songs, they make contacts with us, we find them on our way, we meet at the barricades, at the parties, the concerts, the second-hand vinyl record shops, we find them on the mountains, in the streets of Metropolis, in some seaside free campings on the outside border lines of the Empire, in the Rainbow Gatherings, in Eco-Communities, squatted universities, on the steps that leads to Ganga river in Varanasi, in the middle of the tear gass, on the most dangerous streets of Mexico city or in a small village somewhere out-there in Africa...we meet sometimes in some specific illegal raves, sometimes in hardcore punk occupied buildings, or in strange lectures, in underground bars, in poetry shows and demonstrations... almost all around the world!
This blog is dedicated in all our unknown friends...and to their actions!

Also we realised that there are existing thousands of interesting social struggles all around the world and there are existing parallel movements that don't know each other...even if they fight for really parallel reasons, in same fights, against same enemies, on the same destroyed planet...
This blog is dedicated in all unknown social, political and cultural struggles of this world

And then...we realised also that there are existing millions and millions of possible links of wonderful, interesting, inspiring, mind exploding material out there in the digital space...music, arts, design, video art, political theory, poetry, utopia, analysis, critical thinking, advice, philosophy...created by fighting people, created by amateur intellectuals or university teachers, by crazy everyday life inspired philosophers and somehow all this information needs prismatic rearranging, free re-distribution, mechanisms of collecting, take care and share back again, space holes and electronic tubes that you can find all your favorite ideas coming together in inspirational general conclusions, anti-fragmentation magnetic forces...And we found for sure so many empty bottles in the sea-side, some old maps to nowhereland, some old messages about treasures hiding in the end of mind, some great thoughts from some dead comrades that they had put all their dreams, decades ago, on a paper...in a bottle and they through them to the oceans of Time for the benefit of the future generation revolutionaries...
This blog is dedicated to the culture, the dreams and the visions of the future generation Revolutionaries

It is a network of dreams and struggles, a net of hopes and understandings, a moment of clear mind, a good debate, a late-night fight with a lover, a last drink before going home...
It is more than anything else an Open Horizon, a VOID MIRROR

Ladies and Gentlemen...welcome





Global Eye / London Void Network / Trance in London / The arising of a new spiritual autonomia

Global Eye 
[London Void Network collective]
manifests this moment, this weeks,
this months the arising of 
in London through squats,
huge rave gatherings,
space travelling,
sharing of plans and visions

Keep connected...
Keep the frequencies clear!
Look forward for the next situations...
Let's meet in the Outer Space

email contact:

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