Void Optical Arts Laboratories and Global Eye participates in the 2nd Meeting of Greek Photographic Groups in the Benakis Museum / Peireus rd. 138

Void Optical Arts Laboratory and Global Eye(London Void Network)
will participate in the 2nd Meeting of Greek Photographic groups and Clubs October 27, 28 and 29, 2006 in order to establish contact with photographers and art photography groups from all over Greece. We will present Void Art and Void Network’s philosophy about "art", collective creativity and construction of cross-platform collaborations and open public gatherings. Void Network will manifest at 12 noon, October 28, 2006. There will be a multi media presentation that will include readings from the Void Network Manifesto and a lecture by Anastasios Sagris: "Void Art / Inner Space Art" : Developing a new way of observing World Horizons.Void Optical Art Laboratories will present a 20 minute live multi media show.

organized by :
Greek Photography Center/ Photography Center of Thessaloniki

and the magazine


location :

Void Network contact:
Void Network Home page :

photography of the post : Global Eye(London Void Network)


Void Network HISTORY>> Prohibit the Prohibitions ! 2ndProtestival 5,6,7 May 2006

Prohibit the Prohibitions!
for Justfull, Humanistic and Effective "Drug Politics"
3 days NonStop Music Festival

5,6,7 May 2006
Ex-Hippodromus- Kalithea Athens Greece

on stage:
One Drop Fwd, Professor Skank, Locomondo, Doc, Paragga Sound System, Iraklis Mindphaser, Raman, Crystal Zero, d.j.Nikitas, Antiksoes Paragoges, Go Over 1000, Direct Connection, Boogie Base, White Noise Discipline, Aera Patera, Iristho En Parodo, Kako Sinapantima, The Dive, No Way Out, Echo Tatoo, Kilimantzaro, Figment-Insense, Funxion, d.j.Dura, Kostas Flying Agaric, Har-monez, D-Fer, Lee Sergic, Anna Mystic, THC Sound System, Rastayouth, Skitlab, Mistaoperator, Selah, Mashdown, WhoAmI, Reeko, A.H20, Rental, Chris, Highpno, Kernecolemode

multi media projections by Global Eye and Void Optical Arts Laboratories

supported by
www.iliosporoi.gr (Iliosporoi), www.voidnetworksociety.org (Void Network), Global Eye, Natural High, Eleu.si.na, 1StepForward, www.rastavibe.gr (Rastavibe), Alegre Grow Shop

More than 10.000 people participated in this "Global Marihuana March" event and they Legalized Ganja collectivily. They gave one to each other the power to go beyond fear, beyond the laws and to announce their difference and their views in the open public space...
Thank you All ! and....See You in Next Year.

Void Network HISTORY>> Global Marijuana March ! 2ndProtestival 5,6,7 May 2006

Natural High in the Morning
d.j.Iraklis Mindphaser expands the morning sounds! Everybody is Happy!Ganja Pride Parade!Ganja is been Legalized(in our collective consciousness)!
We will feel no fear anymore!

Void Network HISTORY>> Legalize Ganja ! 2ndProtestival 5,6,7 May 2006

3 days
Non Stop Protest Festival
for Justfull,
and Effective "Drug Politics"

supported by :
www.iliosporoi.gr, Global Eye,Void Network, Natural High, Green Ecologists, eleu.syn.a., 1StepForward, AlegreGrowShop

Void Network HISTORY>>> Photography from Ambientrancedelica in Strefis Hill Friday 29 September 2006

your Critical Mind
Attack! Just Attack!
No seperation, No show
Art Without an Artist
Art Without Spectators
Void Art
Ephemeral Art
Collective Ecstasy
Public Space Liberation!

Void Network HISTORY>>Strefis Hill

Void Network HISTORY>> Photography from Ambientrancedelica in Strefis Hill Friday 29 September 2006

The Liberation of Public Space, the Reclaim of our Everyday Life, the Collective Ecstasy


Travelling in Himalaya (Nepal-North India) slide show photo exhibition by Tasos Sagris and Theodosia Doutsiou friday 13 october 2006 at Nosotros

As Tasos Sagris and Theodosia Doutsiou (Void Optical Arts Laboratories) just arrived from Himalaya (Nepal-North India) we will have the opportunity to organize an exhibition of 2500 photographies of them. Two video projectors, three slide machines and special light instalation will produce a multi media void art environment.
D.j Crystal Zero and Sissy Stardust they will be responsible for the sound design of the night and they will play the original Sound of the Asian Underground as also Indian Classical Music, Oriental Dub and Space Ethnic Electronika...
The exhibition will take place in
Friday 13 October 2006 / 8.30 p.m.
Nosotros Free Social Space / Themistokleous 66 Exarchia

(Nosotros Free Social Space is the social center that Void Network participated in the creation of it and accomodates a big variety of interesting artistic and political situations as also antiauthoritarian , direct social work)


contact :

nosotros contact :

UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE at polutexnioupoli saturday 14 october 2006 athens greece

Void Network
proudly presents
some of the best
DRUM&BASS d.j.s from Greece in another open air high quality event for the benefit of the underground.

Void Network started palying techno in the early nineties and still, today, members of the collective are searching deeper into the techno intelligence to keep the electronic underground out of commercial mainstream clubs. This is difficult in Greece since we have never had techno tribes and underground "illegal" sound systems. People have always been accustomed to going to "high class" clubs and paying ridiculous admission simply for the purpose of feeding a pseudo-identity. For that reason, as an opposition to the conditions of the Athens techno scene, we invite all people to co-create a real underground rave experience. We hope we will share a wonderful night together and the sunrise will find us in Love and Ecstasy.

electro acid techno and drum&bass

saturday 14 october 2006
Polutexnioupoli/Polytechnic University Campus
Free Entrance from Katexaki rd.

stage 1 :
DJ GEORGE APERGIS from Modular Expansion

stage 2 : (ambient space trance and electro dub)

starts at 10.00 in the night and ends 12 in the next morning / If it rains the party will move to the Garage of Polutexnioupoli


contact :
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