New York Film Festival

Glass Bead Collective, WarCry Cinema and Void Network created an amazing anarchist film festival in New York with the help of many different collectives and creative film makers that offered films and perspectives.
It was the 4th Anarchist Film Festival in honor of Brad Will our comrade who murdered by a government sniper in Oaxaca, Mexico on October 27, 2006, as he was filming the social uprising there. More than 250 people attended the wonderful venue and created an inspirational atmosphere.   
Many people and collectives showed their films and documentaries in the three screens walls bringing together art, politics and social awareness. Independent and anarchist filmmakers from around the world have traveled to NYC to screen their brilliant films and offer their ideas and their analysis. Many filmakers shared their narrations with us and explained the cause and the meaning of some short films and documentaries.
The night was passing and the people were staying. The event expanded in 8 hours of film shows, as also prose, manifesto and poetry readings.  The people were travelling all night into the global anarchist network.
At the midnight the Void Network people read fragments from We Are an Image From The Future book as also their poetry in a multi media environment featuring reading, Void Art and atmospheric melodic electronika.
In the next morning we participated in the Anarchist Book Fair panel The Insurrectionary Hypothesis, including except from Void Network, people from NYC student movements and activists from Copenhagen climate change summit.
Our talk in Anarchist Book fair about “We Are an Image from the Future” book and the Greek social revolt is taking place in Sunday 18 April in 3.30 in the afternoon
Our last talk in U.S.A. will be in Tuesday 20 April 2010 in Bluestockings Bookshop


Anonymous said...

I was in the festival yesterday night. I'm a Greek living in NY. I wasn't in Athens last December, but I followed closely what was happening during the days of unrest.
I have mixed feelings about your piece. Overall I liked your point of view, but not really the way that you communicated it. The theatrical atmosphere you meant to create was working at moments but mainly it was kind of superfluous and weak. Especially the poetic part. What I received wasn't felt new and fresh as the last December. I imagine it is difficult to find this new language to shape a new living and breathing dynamic, but I don't think a sentimental tongue is the way to go.

It would be better to have the videos and the photographs from December to do the talking, at least until you find something equivalent substantial to the action of the streets to put into words.

Alexandra Tsekeri

Void Network said...

Dear Alexandra,
It is completely natural some person to find a poetry night "a kind of superfluous and weak" especialy when you do the mistake to compare it with a social insurrection. It was not at all in our intentions to offer any kind of image of a social insurrection in a poetry night and it is not possible to share the experiences of the streets or the assemblies in a film night... Also we don't believe that we will ever "find something equivalent substantial to the action of the streets to put in words", as the collective experience of an insurrection is beyond words for the people that participated in it....It is sad that you believe that "a sentimental tongue is not the way to go.....", as unfortunately we can not share with you any kind of specific political ideology to express our feelings....Our feelings can not fit in an ideological box, in a dogma, in a narration...IT IS NOT IN OUR INTENTIONS "to find something equivelant substantial to the actions of the streets to put in words", and we find this comparison completely irrelevant and somehow anoying. We are sure we will not give you some solution in your need to hear some people narrate an insurrection
in a way that will satisfy you or make you feel complete, but also we will not remain silent as you propose... We share our experiences, we offer our feelings, we speak the words of our heart,...we will not ask permission from anyone to be free... Only through your own participation, your own actions, your own poetry and your own personal experiences in the streets of ths world you will find answers in your questions. Thank you very much for your comment even though it didn't communicate at all with the spirit and the intentions of our poetry night

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