Void Network presents Digital X from Florida U.S.A. in Electro Live Concert in Athens

LiveElectroConcert in Athens
D i g i t a l X
from U.S.A. Orlando Florida (Sohma Records)

Digital X >> he is a based producer on Sohma Records
and will be appearing live playing a banging all-night set of
electro techno and psychedelic tribal
Coming from recent underground gigs in Hamburg, Germany and
TelAviv, Israel he's ready to set the roof on fire right here in Athens.

+ + + multi media projections by Void Optical Art Laboratory

Saturday 2 December 2006
Nosotros Free Social Space
Themistokleous 66 Exarchia >>starts 10.30 / ends 4.00





Vinqo Denken said...


Vinqo Denken said...

above links for theodosia from voltnoi

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