New Void Network section in Brasil

After long time of preperation, inner talks, collective travelling and magical  experiences we are proudly presenting the creation of a new autonomous self-sustained Void Network section in Brasil...

The work of this cell will be to bring closer, through translations, video archives, digital library and manifestos, the counter-culture with political activism, the Void Art with philosophy, to offer ideas and visions to the wonderfull psychedelic scene of Brasil and the younger generations, to inspire philospophical search, questioning, critical mind and radical thinking in Brasil (and Portugal, as the blog of the group will use Portugese language as main language)

...Another important part of the activities of "Void Network de Brasil" is the social work...We would like to see people participating in this cell to find way through all difficult conditions in Brasil to help people have a better life with many different ways...

The last and most important work of the Void Network Brasil cell will be to work for all people of this planet as another observatory about Amazon, taking part in the building of aweareness, the defence of the great global Forest from the interests of capitalistic mafias and corrupted governores, offering our small powers in a great struggle, the saving of Amazon

Dear friends, welcome:


Anonymous said...

μόλις γυρισα απο Σάο Παολο. Δεν ειχα ιδέα για δραστηριοτητες στη Βραζιλία.
:) Χαίρομαι πολύ. Με λένε γιάννη, πηγαίνω κάθε χρόνο βραζιλία, έχω γυναίκα κ παιδί εκεί κ θα χαρώ να γνωρισω παιδιά απο το voinetwork.
Eυχαριστω παιδά.


Anonymous said...

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