VOID HISTORY/ Word's Environment 15Dec2007/ Nosotros Athens

About 150 people came to our Social Center Nosotros in Saturday 15 December 2007 for this multi media poetry night.
The night started with a space ambient d.j. set from Crystal Zero and continued with d.j.Kinomatik making live sound improvisation with the 4 poets reading one poem each as an introduction.
The live concert of Zen Garden that followed was the first appearance of a new great band that combines space ambient (in the sound tradition of Aes Dana and generally Ultimae rec.) with epic inspirational melodies and wonderful feminine vocals from the singer and poet Roxanne.
When Direct Connection appeared on the stage all night made a jump in the deep dark dubstep sound of this important experimentalists from the Athens dub scene. One after the other the poets was taking the stage and they was making one improvisation each one of them with the band rotating for almost 3 hours. Ioanna Gaitanarou made her first very promising appearance with her social life oriented poetry, Sissy Doutsiou made a wonderful show with her lesbian/dark erotic and political/anarchic poems, Yiannis Raouzaios was in a spiritual vibe that offered some of the most philosophical moments of the night and Anastasios Sagris explode on the stage with some of his anthems offering the highlight of the night with his poem "The Metropolitan Tea Ceremony" from his upcoming first book "About Human Love in the Western Metropolitan Cities" when he pushed Direct Connection in a crescendo of electrodub that made all people dancing and jumping and shouting loud (an unbelievable improvisational moment for a "poetry night" also for the artists as also for the crowd...). We would like to thank all people that participated, the poets and the djs, the Void Optical Art Laboratory, Yiannis Nisidis and Spyros K. for the mind exploding visual arts and of course the Zen Garden and the Direct Connection for their great live performances

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